Mia Tui Jennie Changing: more than just a changing bag

If you’re a new mum and you are looking for a changing bag, the Jennie could be for you. It’s spacious, stylish and perfect for housing all your baby paraphernalia in one easily accessible place. Most changing bags these days have additional pockets and sections for your baby’s items as well as your own but here’s why the Mia Tui Jennie is perfect for you.

Style without compromising on practicality

Ok, I’ve said it. As much as being practical is so very important when choosing a changing bag (I should know as I’ve been through a fair few!), as a mum, you also want to enjoy stylish items too. I became so fed up of never having a nice bag when I went. However, the Jennie has changed that. It looks and feels like quality leather but what’s amazing is that it’s vegan friendly. The inner is bright and waterproof and overall it just looks gorgeous. I’ve had so many compliments about it this past week, everyone seems to love the look.

The Practical side

Inside the gorgeous Jennie bag, you have a bright turquoise interior – perfect to help you see what’s inside your bag along with pockets perfect for storing nappies and wipes, two insulated bottle pockets, additional clutch bag (with x-body strap) and clear plastic bag for small liquid items. There is also a key clip sewn into the bag to ensure that you don’t have to spend hours routing round in the bottom of your bag to find your keys.

If you buy the Jennie Changing bag, you get the addition of a travel changing mat, Gem organiser bag and buggy clips. The foldable changing mat is fantastic. As well as being able to fit easily inside the Gem organiser bag, it has pockets attached so you can keep all your nappies and wipes in one place for ease of use and it’s even machine washable!

You might be thinking ok, so it still sounds like a nice changing bag but what actually sets it apart from other changing bags?

Well, for me, it has to be the longevity of the bag itself; this isn’t just a changing bag. I am at the point now where my two children don’t need as much when we go out. I don’t need to use this bag like a changing bag but more like a handbag and it’s great. There are no distinctive marks to suggest that this is or was a changing bag. Nothing that says it isn’t just a stylish handbag, which just happens to be super organised inside. It’s also comfortable to carry, even when heavy, which mean on the days I go to work, I actually use this as my work bag.

The bag is a brilliant all-rounder. It works perfectly as a work bag. There are sections for my planner, laptop, coffee mug, pens, water bottle and more. I can bring exercise books home without squashing everything inside and I can find my classroom keys every morning using just one hand!

Perfect for travel

The one element I haven’t properly tried out yet is using it for travel. Don’t you worry though, I have every intention of putting it through its paces on our next family holiday. But what’s brilliant about this Jennie bag for travelling is that the pocket at the back can actually slide over the handle of a suitcase so you can have your other hand free to hold a child’s hand or just to make your life that it easier. I really could have done with this in the airport on our last holiday. Having a late flight anyway and add in a few hours delay meant we had 2 large suitcases, 4 hand-luggage bags and two over tired children who just wanted to be carried! If I had the Jennie then, the careful balancing of bags and children would have been made a whole lot easier.

So a little long winded, I know, but these are just some of the reasons I LOVE my Jennie Changing Bag. If you are serious about not spending a fortune but looking for a fantastic changing bag, work bag, travel bag, or large handbag, this really is the perfect bag for you.


  1. Oh girls and purses! Love them!

  2. Wow, That looks like a really practical bag – We had to switch to a toddle size bag as it had 2 handles on so easier for carrying than a baby bag but I love the idea of this one and the compartments. I also love the colour and the way it goes on suitcases

    • I love it! I’m currently using it more as a work bag but can’t wait to try it out on our next family holiday. I also took it with me on our trips out over the half term and it was the perfect size for all my things as well as the bits you need for two children. Can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂

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