mumkindBeing pregnant for the second time, I thought I’d know most products I’d need to buy and use but Mumkind is a new pregnancy nutrition brand that are designed specifically for mums-to-be and new mums.

We all know that during pregnancy we need to eat healthily but it doesn’t always work out, especially during the first trimester when sickness and queasiness take hold. That’s when products like Mumkind come in really handy; they offer products which top up a range of nutrients which are key in your daily diet.

My personal favourite were the Ginger Me Baby Lozenges which, surprise surprise, are made from ginger and chamomile. They really helped to ease my constant nausea, especially when I was in the car or at work (and having to hide how I really felt!). They aren’t overpowering in taste and really calmed my queasiness and quenched my thirst. As a useful extra, the tub is microwavable and freezer proof so can be kept for weaning at a later date!

The Water Our Way water enhancer is great too, especially if, like me, you’re not a fan of drinking squash. I used it when I’d had too much water and the bland taste just made me feel even sicker; I’d just pop I a few drops to my water and sip away! The taste is light and refreshing and it contains a blend of B vitamins to help reduce fatigue and tiredness. It comes in a really handy 30ml (pocket sized) bottle to make it convenient to take out wherever you go. The 30ml bottle makes about 10 drinks and is calorie free! Perfect.

Mumkind also offer Bump to Baby Enhance Bars and Night Night Baby hot drink but I am yet to try these (due to popular demand – they have limited stock).

Thank you for making my first trimester a little more bearable!


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