New Body New Style – John Lewis Make Over

Over the summer I had the chance to get a makeover with Bobbi Brown make-up and be styled with the lovely stylists in our local John Lewis. Having just had my second child, I found I didn’t know what suited my new body shape and as for colours, apparently I’ve been choosing some of the wrong ones! Having spent a good few hours with different people, I felt I now had a better idea of how to manage my ‘new look’!


As a busy mum to two, getting three people up, ready and out the door by 8:30am fir the pre-school run sometimes seemed like an impossible task without looking like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. I wanted to learn a few tricks about how to put make-up on quickly without looking like Coco the Clown.

I’ve never really been someone who wears a lot of make-up but I have found now the dark circles and bags are getting bigger, I tend to rely on it a little bit more. While I could never afford to kit my whole make-up bag out in Bobbi Brown, it’s nice to have a few staple products and then top up with other brands too. From my make-up lesson, some of the most important messages I had were about the skin care regime before applying the make-up. Since having my tutorial, I now use a hydrating cleanser and toner on a daily basis which is something I never did before. After the cleanser and toner, I use a vitamin enriched moisturiser and put a little concealer under the eyes. I will either use a BB cream or a light foundation just to even out my skin before applying a small amount of blusher and mascara. This in total takes me no longer than 10 minutes in the morning and is more than manageable.


If you, like me, have no real idea about the best way to apply your make-up you can book a make-up lesson free of charge with your preferred brand in John Lewis and they will take the time to explain everything to you and show you exactly what to do. Bobbi Brown even gave me a sheet with all the products listed that were used on me so I can keep it for reference and buy things as and when I can. My favourite product was the vitamin enriched face cream and I’ve been using it ever since.


Once my make-up was done (I felt super glam!) I headed over to the styling department. There are 3 different levels of service offered depending on how much time you have. The Style Express is a complimentary service where you can spend up to an hour with a personal stylist to find the perfect outfit or just generally go over what suits you. You can book online so it’s quick and easy.


Next is the Style Experience; here the personal stylists help you explore new styles and trends. It’s designed as a way of updating your wardrobe so you have a consultation before trying on lots of clothes and accessories. This is a two hour service and is again free of charge! You can book these online too to add to the ease of the whole experience.


The Style Profile is again a 60 minute session but your stylist discovers more about you and your lifestyle before doing your colour analysis and shape, line and height proportions so you are guaranteed to understand that styles, shapes and the colour palette that best suit you. This service costs £125 however, it’s redeemable against purchases of £500 so if you are going in for a new look, this could be the perfect answer.


You can combine some of the available options to best suit your needs but if you’re after a new look, I’d definitely jump at the chance of doing this experience again. I ended up having a combination of the experiences available due to time constrains so I now understand my colour palette as well as a style that will suit my new figure. It has certainly given me more confidence to buy things I wouldn’t have dreamed of before and I’ll certainly be going back just before my return to work to kit out my work wardrobe. I can’t thank the ladies at John Lewis enough for having me and sharing with me the experiences that are available.

Here are a few of my recommended pieces of make-up for a busy mum on the go.

A good BB Cream – I love the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream

Mascara – I’ve been using the Max Factor Marsterpiece Max High Definition 

Blusher – Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks works well as it doubles up as a great two in one!

Eye shadow – I use Benefit’s Easiest Nudes Ever as they have great coverage as well as giving hints and tips of how to apply.

That gets me through the school run and is so quick and easy to do!! I hope you found this helpful as for so long I really struggled to see the new me but now I’m really happy with my new me and feel full of confidence and ready or anything.



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