Changing Bag SoFo by BabyBjorn

BabyBjorn have just launched their new changing bag the Changing Bag SoFo but it’s not just a normal changing bag. Not only is it a little more gender neutral for the daddies out there but it also turns into a backpack if you need/prefer. The changing bag itself is a beautiful grey with little purple hints here and there; the lining is a lovely lavender purple. The outer almost looks like a grey denim so is definitely more man friendly {Read More}

Belly Bandit Bamboo and Mother Tucker Leggings

Fantastic results after just 6 weeks- is Belly Bandit really the answer? After delivering my first child I really felt that  my posture suffered and my stomach was so painful that I literally held the baby belly in so I really wanted to find a product to help with these issues after my second child. Belly Bandit offer a range of products that should help with this and they have the added benefit of being compression products which help aid {Read More}

Bedside Crib

I (ok well Benjamin) has been testing out the SnuzPod from The Little Green Sheep Company for the last three weeks and here are our initial thoughts. I was so excited when the SnuzPod arrived as I had heard really great things about it and I haven’t been disappointed. I opened it up as soon as I’d put my daughter to bed and managed to easily assemble it (at 39 weeks pregnant) within half an hour. It’s really sturdy and well {Read More}

BabyBjorn We Carrier

BabyBjorn launched their new carrier, the BabyBjorn We (suitable from birth to 3 years) and Isabella and I were lucky enough to be invited along to the launch to give it a spin. We arrived to a beautifully set up room decorated with their limited edition ‘DOTS by Karin’ (which I must admit, I’ve totally fallen in love with! Good job I’m expecting again!). We were welcomed in with delicious breakfast treats and coffee and Isabella got to try out the {Read More}


Being pregnant for the second time, I thought I’d know most products I’d need to buy and use but Mumkind is a new pregnancy nutrition brand that are designed specifically for mums-to-be and new mums. We all know that during pregnancy we need to eat healthily but it doesn’t always work out, especially during the first trimester when sickness and queasiness take hold. That’s when products like Mumkind come in really handy; they offer products which top up a range {Read More}

Tech 21 iPhone 5 Case

As a busy parent, getting things done with a toddler in toe can sometimes be tricky and most of us I’m sure (myself included) at some point have passed over their phone to their tot just to try and get something finished. This all seems like a great strategy at the time but toddlers are prone to dropping things, be it deliberately or by mistake so the best advice I can give (apart from unrealistically saying never give your toddler {Read More}


Shoes; we all wear them and I’m sure we’ve all complained about them too (or at least about how much they hurt our feet!). Well VIVOBAREFOOT have designed shoes which aim to ‘make everyone’s lives better, whether through providing a more enjoyable and injury free running experience or by allowing you to live barefoot with our zero-drop, anatomic width, total flexibility, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole shoes’. They believe that your feet include all of the necessary technology needed; muscles and tendons {Read More}

Want Her Dress – Beautiful Clothes at Great Prices

Most new mums are so happy and excited with their new bundle of joy and most of the time put everyone but themselves first. Money becomes tighter and you just don’t spend the money you do have on yourself as you’d much rather buy something for your little one. However, it’s really important for mum to feel great and sometimes that means buying some new clothes – especially as your shape changes after giving birth, nothing you own quite fits {Read More}


I really wanted to breastfeed my little one but felt really self-conscious when having to feed out and about. When I tried the Milkscarf, it meant I could feed discretely whenever I needed too without feeling flustered about doing it. The material is a really soft jersey and the colours you can choose are lovely. I have the mink Milkscarf and this goes with pretty much all of my outfits. The reason I mention outfits is because one of the {Read More}

Tiffany Rose Rosa Dress (Vintage Blush)

Christmas party season calls for a little something extra special, this is something that I have been struggling to find since becoming pregnant, however Tiffany Rose offer the elegance needed from a dress for the party season; it has seen me through one wedding and a couple of Christmas dos. The dress arrived in a beautifully presented box, wrapped up in tissue paper which really adds to the exclusive feeling that you get from Tiffany Rose. Made from 100% Nylon, {Read More}