Medela Single Mini Electric Breastpump

A friend recommended the Medela Single Mini Electric Breastpump to me when I was pregnant and intending to breastfeed my baby but wanted to have the option of bottle-feeding occasionally using expressed breast milk.  I had heard that Medela were a reputable and trusted brand used in hospitals.  The Mini Electric was developed for short-term or occasional use at home with the mains supply or when on the go with batteries. The design is compact and easy to use and {Read More}

Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

Available in lots of designs, I liked the subtlety of the Bebe Au Lait nursing covers.  It retails at about £27.50, is available in 20 designs and comes with a rigid neckline allowing for ventilation and easy visibility of your baby.  The corners have pockets for storing pads or pacifiers and are made from terrycloth in case of emergency reflux clear up (very useful!) I was struggling to breastfeed in public and wanted a nursing cover that was discreet.  I {Read More}


The BubbaBuddy Nursing Cover is a truly fantastic design. I had been using large muslin squares tied around my neck to cover me while I was out but this was quite awkward and I sometimes got quite flustered. Not only did I find it tricky, Isabella would get too hot under there and end up fussing while feeding. The BubbaBuddy has made feeding in public so much easier for me and more comfortable for Isabella. It has a rigid boned {Read More}

Kari-me sling

 I had been recommended the Kari-me sling by my pregnancy yoga teacher as a good baby carrier that is kind to your back and very adaptable for your growing baby.  The sling is available in 7 different colours and costs £44.95 from the Kari-me website.  With the sling you get an easy to understand instruction booklet that shows you the five different ways to use the sling with helpful stage by stage diagrams on how to put it on. My {Read More}

Ardo Calypso Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump is a really good investment for any mummy who might need to express and feels they don’t really have the time. It’s easy to use, good quality and very effective; I can normally express in just 10 minutes. Even though I predominantly breast feed, it’s not always possible and being able to express quickly means I don’t find it a hassle. The Calypso Electric Breast Pump has over 60 different combinations of settings which means that you {Read More}

Kidsline Whipstitch Changing Bag

This is a lovely, stylish changing bag which looks just like a handbag with all the space, and pockets needed for all those baby products. The faux leather looks good but up close you can tell it’s not real leather. However, I think if you were to use this bag everyday for a year, the faux leather would start to look worn and tatty. The inside of this bag is lovely and spacious and has plenty of room for nappies {Read More}

Storksak – Nina Changing Bag

The Storksak Nina Changing Bag is a lovely big changing bag with plenty of room for everything you might need to take out with you. It is very pretty and doesn’t look like a normal changing bag (gone are the days of my handbags) so I still feel like I have a pretty bag when I go out and about. Not only does this bag look good (I have had countless compliments when out) it is practical too. Its exterior {Read More}

Caboo Close Sling

My daughter Isla is now 11 weeks old but took us by surprise by arriving early. In our first weeks it wasn’t easy for us to have the usual physical contact mums have as she was in SCBU so for Isla and I using the Caboo Close Sling has allowed us to catch up on much needed physical closeness. Isla loves to sleep on me and I find she really settles well in the Caboo, plus it leaves me with {Read More}


I though the Mamascarf was a brilliant idea as I was slightly self-conscious about breast feeding in public. Mamascarf says it is a breastfeeding scarf / nursing cover providing comfort, support, discretion and style. I however would have to disagree; the scarf really didn’t live up to my expectations. I tried using the Mamascarf when Isabella was just a week old and I found that she was already too big to fit comfortably in this scarf; she was 8lb 1oz when she {Read More}