Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

bebe au lait2

Available in lots of designs, I liked the subtlety of the Bebe Au Lait nursing covers.  It retails at about £27.50, is available in 20 designs and comes with a rigid neckline allowing for ventilation and easy visibility of your baby.  The corners have pockets for storing pads or pacifiers and are made from terrycloth in case of emergency reflux clear up (very useful!)

I was struggling to breastfeed in public and wanted a nursing cover that was discreet.  I chose the chateau silver design and ordered it from John Lewis, collecting it in store (great service).   I love the design, the fact that it is very light (but big enough to cover me whilst my LO is flapping his arm around and moving the cover) and that I can easily see whether my LO is still feeding (sometimes needed if you are in a noisy environment).   Neither myself or my LO get hot or uncomfortable now and I can easily ‘sort myself out’ after feeding without any risk of exposure.


Image: Amazon

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