The BubbaBuddy Nursing Cover is a truly fantastic design. I had been using large muslin squares tied around my neck to cover me while I was out but this was quite awkward and I sometimes got quite flustered. Not only did I find it tricky, Isabella would get too hot under there and end up fussing while feeding.

The BubbaBuddy has made feeding in public so much easier for me and more comfortable for Isabella. It has a rigid boned neckline which enables me to see exactly what I’m doing and it allows Isabella to look at me at the same time. The fact that it has this open neckline also means that Isabella doesn’t get too hot. You can adjust the neckline really easily with the D-ring neck strap, even with one hand.

There are some really beautiful designs to choose from; from the first time I used mine, I have had so many compliments about how lovely it looks. It is made from a lovely thick cotton so isn’t see through but is lightweight and breathable too.

The cover itself is a large piece of material which is wide enough to cover you and baby while feeding so there is no need to buy expensive breastfeeding tops. The material is also long enough to cover your body entirely and not so long that it gets in the way.

The breastfeeding cover comes in a matching drawstring bag so you can keep it tidily in your changing bag. It also keeps it compact and therefore doesn’t take up much room at all.

For £20 this nursing cover it a brilliant buy. It is so much better than some of the other breastfeeding covers that are currently on the market.

If you are a breastfeeding mummy who wants to keep a little modesty while nursing when out and about, try one of these BubbaBuddy’s.



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