IMO Q2 Pro Review

My daughter has been on at me non-stop for a phone for the past year giving me all the old lines of ‘but ALLLLLL my friends have one’ and ‘I can use it to stay safe when you’re not here’. But we’ve really had no need to buy her one as she’s only 9 – she’s a summer born baby so the youngest in her year. She will be moving up to year 6 in September and when most of her friends turn 11 in the autumn term, they will be getting phones ready for the move up to secondary school. We’ve debated it for a while now but I don’t want Isabella to get a phone the week before she goes off to secondary school as it will be too much of a novelty or she won’t be able to use it properly. So when I was asked to review the IMO Q2 Pro, I thought it would be a perfect starter phone to test the water.

I instantly loved the affordability of the IMO Q2 Pro. When you think smartphone, my mind automatically thinks in terms of hundreds of pounds but here you can get a smartphone for under £40!!

As soon as I got the phone out the box, both the children stopped what they were doing and couldn’t wait to get involved! They were both really excited to get it on and see what it could do. Before I let them have a play though, it needed the sim card put in and the battery charging.

First Glance

My first impressions were all good. It looks smart and not out of place with other smartphones, it’s on the smaller side, which for smaller hands, makes sense. It is really light and this makes it feel relatively cheap, but to be honest, at under £40, it is.

The set up was a little fiddly. I was able to get the back off without any issues (although I did worry about snapping the back when I popped the cover off!) but the instructions for inserting the sim card weren’t hugely clear. With three possible different sized sim cards, you have to use your judgement to see which size is going to fit. After fiddling around with it for longer than probably necessary, the sim was in and I was able to pop the battery in and get it o charge.

Set up

Initially I signed into the house Wifi and used my email to set the phone up as the children don’t have an email address! I quickly learned that this was a mistake as all my contacts suddenly appeared on their phone. After rebooting and setting them up with a linked email account, we were ready to get going. I didn’t want the phone to be loaded with apps and games as we just want to slowly introduce it so I downloaded the apps we were happy for the children to use and only installed three phone numbers for them to contact.

First Impressions

When you are coming from an iPhone or similar, the device system feels quite clunky so you do have to remember to be patient with it loading etc. The children however can work the phone really easily and haven’t once commented on the system. They seem to be able to easily navigate from app to app and manage it really well.

The battery life is great too. We went away for a long weekend and the children stayed with my mum. We charged the phone on Wednesday morning and it lasted almost until Sunday with the children messaging us and sending photos. The phone can last up to 360 hours standby time or up to 120 minutes talk time.

One thing to note is it doesn’t have a lot of internal memory (16GB), which is fine for us, but is worth considering. You can add up to 32GB of storage by adding a Micro SD card if you wish.

We are using the phone to allow Isabella to research things for her homework, take pictures and contact a select few people to get used to the idea of having a phone. So far, this has worked perfectly and we are really pleased to have the phone.


It comes with Android 11 Go OS and comes with 4G connectivity, plus a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera and uses and LED flash. This is perfectly adequate for my 9 year old to use. It used a 4 inch TFT LCD display and has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It’s touchscreen and weighs in at 112g.

Overall the children love this phone and as a parent, I think it’s a wonderful first time phone. It’s got everything a younger child would need and doesn’t cost the earth!



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