Kari-me sling

 I had been recommended the Kari-me sling by my pregnancy yoga teacher as a good baby carrier that is kind to your back and very adaptable for your growing baby.  The sling is available in 7 different colours and costs £44.95 from the Kari-me website.  With the sling you get an easy to understand instruction booklet that shows you the five different ways to use the sling with helpful stage by stage diagrams on how to put it on.

My little one is now 11 weeks old so I have only tried the first two positions suitable for his age and they have worked very well, feeling snug and close to my body without putting strain on my back.

The sling is basically a long piece of soft stretchy cloth that wraps around your body to create a secure place to carry your baby hands free. It took a few attempts to get the wrapping correct but now it is quick and easy to use.  Admittedly it is slightly cumbersome to remove as it can take what sometimes seems like a minute to unwrap yourself after removing your little one but this isn’t a huge issue.

The Kari-me has great potential for use up to the point where your body can no longer carry the weight (and where your little one is no more than 3 years of age, 15kg/33lbs) and therefore should be the only thing you need in terms of a sling.  I would recommend the Kari-me to others although it is very pricey for what is essentially a long piece of cloth so it is worth shopping around to find it at a cheaper price.


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