Sa-Be Baby Carrier


If you love wearing your baby, you’ll really love the Sa-Be Baby Carrier.

Having used another carrier with my own little one, it took a while to get used to the difference of the Sa-Be Carrier. The Sa-Be Carrier tubular design and 100% cotton material mean it’s a lot more ridged than other brands and while this took a lot of getting used to, it was a lot more effective in the long run as it didn’t sag after wearing baby for more than an hour.

The actual design of the carrier means that it can be cleverly folded back into itself for a handy carry pouch but this isn’t a quick process if you are out and about; it’s more for general storage when you get home.

The carrier is really easy to put on and comes with detailed, easy to follow instructions. The only thing that you will have to get used to doing is working out how tight/loose you need to tie it in the first instance.

I love how this sling has the option for a ‘hip carry’ as this seems to allow baby to be more free than normal positions and it also allows me to get on with things without feeling like baby is in the way.

I was a little disappointed that there were only three recommended positions (forward facing not being one of them) but Sa-Be have claimed that these three positions are the best for baby and baby wearer.

I love the designs and colours available to choose from but I don’t think I would wear the carrier as part of my everyday wear as suggested by Sa-Be. Even though the carrier is slimmer than many other carriers, I still feel like there is a lot of material when my little one isn’t in it.

My only real criticism of this sling would be the fact that it remains one width all the way to the ends. I feel that it is too wide at the ends to tie neatly. However, I understand that if the carrier weren’t the same width all the way along, it wouldn’t be able to fold in on itself to create the pouch. I however feel that the pouch is unnecessary and would much prefer a slimmer end.

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