Bedside Crib

I (ok well Benjamin) has been testing out the SnuzPod from The Little Green Sheep Company for the last three weeks and here are our initial thoughts.

I was so excited when the SnuzPod arrived as I had heard really great things about it and I haven’t been disappointed. I opened it up as soon as I’d put my daughter to bed and managed to easily assemble it (at 39 weeks pregnant) within half an hour. It’s really sturdy and well constructed. The wood isn’t cheap, it’s really heavy and solid. Once made it looked beautiful and I really couldn’t wait to use it – my husband made me put it away in the nursery though so I had to wait a little longer before I could put it in my room.

With my first child I used the bassinet that came with our travel system and just added a proper mattress to it so that it was safe for baby to sleep in overnight but it was quite cumbersome and because we used it outside as part of the travel system too it was a little impractical to keep changing bedding etc.

The SnuzPod is a perfect solution as it’s bigger than most moses baskets but it also doesn’t take up too much room so should be able to fit in any bedroom and it looks great too.   While Benjamin is so little we have decided to use the SnuzPod as a Co-Sleeper with the side down and attached to the bed with the idea that when he gets a little older, we will use it as a crib next to my bed but with the side up. It comes with the straps that you need so you can attach it to your bed safely (both divan and frame beds are ok). You can also adjust the height of the SnuzPod to fit with your bed very easily and even if you change beds, you can adjust it to fit quickly.

Benjamin has settled really well in the SnuzPod and seems really comfortable in it. It’s large enough that I think he will be in it for a while but not so big that he seems lost. I love the fact that I wake up close to my baby but I’m not co-sleeping, it’s the perfect compromise to help reduce the risk of SIDS .

For daytime naps we just zip up the side so we know he’s safe and use a baby monitor to listen in while we wait for a wake up call!

The Snuzpod has also been brilliant for breastfeeding in these early days as I don’t have to get out of bed to reach Benjamin and when I put him down, there is little disturbance. If he is still a little unsettled, I can just place my hand on his chest and he settles really quickly (most of the time!). I think it’s the comfort of knowing I’m close and the feeling of being safe. I can sometimes get lost just lying down and looking at him sleeping so soundly. I really wish I had this product with my daughter and would highly recommend it to any new parent. There is the option of rocking the SnuzPod but I haven’t ever needed this feature.

Three weeks in and it’s scoring top marks from me. There isn’t a single thing that I dislike.

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