RAVE Coffee Pods : Review

If you have a Nespresso machine but you’re looking at using more sustainable coffee pods, have you considered RAVE Coffee?

There are three great Nespresso compatible pods available including their signature blend. I decided to give the signature blend, the decaf and the Italian Job blend a try and I haven’t been disappointed. Each pod offers a slightly different taste, from chocolate, red fruits and vanilla to caramel, chocolate and almond. Each pod has a delightful character to it but the best feature being the pods are 100% compostable!

RAVE Coffee pods, lids and packaging are all 100% compostable and biodegradable. They are made from cornstarch material so are broken down in around 90 days through the use of natural heat. However, you must ensure you are using your local authority food waste collection bin to guarantee the correct compostable conditions.

As a huge coffee lover, taste is hugely important so having the opportunity to try all three pods was brilliant. Each pod is great with lots of flavour but my favourite blend is their Signature pod. Full of flavour and not too overpowering, it makes a lovely coffee. I was also so pleased to hear about RAVE Coffee because of the compostable pods. With such a push in recent years on recycling, upcycling and stopping the wastage of single use plastic, this really has made a big difference to my coffee consumption and wastage.

The pods fit any Nespresso pod machine and fit brilliantly. I’ve had no issue with the fit at all. RAVE recommend using the short dose setting (25g) but I’ve tried both and am happy with either. Because the coffee comes in biodegradable pods, they have a tendency to not have as long a shelf life as other coffee pods so RAVE have sealed five pods together in packs within a box of 10 to help keep your coffee as fresh as possible. I also keep my opened pack in an air tight container to ensure it stays a fresh as possible.

If all this wasn’t enough to entice you in, RAVE offer free UK tracked delivery on orders over £25 and there is currently 15% off if you join their mailing list too! My package arrived quickly and brilliantly packaged to keep my coffee in perfect condition. What could be better? So why not go and order yours today!

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