Tech 21 iPhone 5 Case

xl_teh 21As a busy parent, getting things done with a toddler in toe can sometimes be tricky and most of us I’m sure (myself included) at some point have passed over their phone to their tot just to try and get something finished. This all seems like a great strategy at the time but toddlers are prone to dropping things, be it deliberately or by mistake so the best advice I can give (apart from unrealistically saying never give your toddler the phone!) is buy a durable and drop resistant phone case.

There are hundreds of cases on the market and they all look lovely – I’ve had quite a few now for my phone and I used to love the leather flip ones but I dropped my phone and even in the leather case, it suffered a little damage. So I tried the Tech 21 Impact Shell case which uses Impactology (a clever mix of scientifically proven impact material mixed with smart people ideas!) and I have to say, I’m really impressed. I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks and I (as well as my daughter) have dropped the phone numerous times without any damage to the phone; the D30 helps take the edge of any knocks and bangs.Tech21_Impact_Snap_iPhone_5_inside_440

As well as the case protecting the phone, it also adds colour and feels great in your hand. It’s not bulky like some other cases which claim to protect. It’s slim, comfortable and easy to use. I do not think this case has negatively impacted on the usability of the buttons or any other phone feature either. Unlike some cases, the hole for the camera and flash is large enough for it not to impact upon the picture clarity/colour.

Brilliant case I would buy again.

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