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photo (29)Most new mums are so happy and excited with their new bundle of joy and most of the time put everyone but themselves first. Money becomes tighter and you just don’t spend the money you do have on yourself as you’d much rather buy something for your little one. However, it’s really important for mum to feel great and sometimes that means buying some new clothes – especially as your shape changes after giving birth, nothing you own quite fits the same.


Well, Want Her Dress have managed to mix style and value for money beautifully as their clothes aren’t from brands you would necessarily recognise; I love the Italian style that’s coming through.


My top picks are:


Sleeveless Blouse – I don’t usually wear blouses but this one is fun and perfect for summer. The thing I love most about it is the length; I have a long body and find some tops just come up too short – not this one. It’s perfect and if needed, will hide a multitude of sins without looking like that’s what you’re doing. At £34.50, it’s one of the more expensive pieces from the website but the quality and design are gorgeous.


Chino – I think a decent pair of chinos are essential in anyone’s wardrobe. They can be dressed up or down but more importantly always look great whether you’re having a fat day or skinny day. These chinos fit beautifully, however, the only downside for me is how low they come on the waist; it never would have bothered me before but with a mummy tummy, I just feel a little more comfortable in something that comes up a little higher over my tummy. On the other hand, if you pair it with the Dawn sleeveless blouse, it’s long enough for me not to feel self-conscious in the slightest so as long as you pair it with the right top, it doesn’t make a huge difference.


Lace Overlay Dress – I love dressing up and going out (albeit to infrequently now!) and this dress is stunning on. I’m not usually a fan of lace but it really works well on this dress and makes me feel great as it hides lumps and bumps! I’ve had lots of compliments about this dress when out.


These are just three of the gorgeous pieces at Want Her Dress and you can find yourself a real bargain. I couldn’t believe some of the prices (dresses for under £15!!!) Like any shop, not all pieces are my style, but I’m glad I found this online shop as I can buy new clothes which are made well without feeling guilty.




  1. I’m looking for some new dresses for the summer, thanks for this, off to take a look! x

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