Using Wall Art to Make Your Home

*Collaborative Post* With a lot of us spending more and more time at home, we’ve had plenty of time to consider redecorating the house or revamping tired rooms with a splash of something new. For a really simple, yet effective way of creating a whole new look for your room, you should shop for some amazing wall art. Whatever the room, there is some art out there to brighten your space. We have art in various forms all over the {Read More}

3 Artistic Things You Can Do To Unlock Some Creativity

*Collaborative Post* Our brains have the capacity for all kinds of things. We’ve evolved so much over the years that the brain holds billions of tiny pieces of data. We’re not as basic as you might initially think – you have the power to do more than what you’re doing right now!  Creativity is a huge part of a human’s mind. We need to in order to solve problems and to come up with new ideas. These ideas could be {Read More}

Parragon Book Buddies – Disney Art Therapy

This month’s Book Buddies scheme has been a little different – we always love receiving new books to read and share but at the end of March we were sent some of the new ‘Disney Frozen’ and ‘Disney Princess’ Art Therapy colouring books to try out. Isabella and I have loved them – they are a little difficult (but still very engaging for smaller children) because of the small areas and patterns to colour in but the Frozen or Princess {Read More}

A3 Personalised Art Frame

I’m sure, like me, many of you have kept your little ones art work but apart from the fridge (which is now full to bursting) you don’t have anywhere to display their work; well My First Years have some lovely personalised baby gifts – I have the beautiful Personalised A3 Art Frame (without glass) which you can use to display any artwork, even if it’s not flat because, let’s face it, not many pieces are just paint/pencil at this stage! The {Read More}