A3 Personalised Art Frame

I’m sure, like me, many of you have kept your little ones art work but apart from the fridge (which is now full to bursting) you don’t have anywhere to display their work; well My First Years have some lovely personalised baby gifts – I have the beautiful Personalised A3 Art Frame (without glass) which you can use to display any artwork, even if it’s not flat because, let’s face it, not many pieces are just paint/pencil at this stage! The {Read More}

Nonabox Gift Subscription

After a long, wet day at work, I arrived home feeling tried, grumpy and generally not great but all that changed when I saw a large box with my name on it. When I opened the box, I was delighted to reveal another beautiful purple and silver box decorated with a hand tied bow; it looked so special. I opened the box to find it was literally stuffed with lovely products for my daughter. Included in this amazing bundle were: {Read More}

Stunning Handmade Crocheted Hat and Poncho

If you are looking for a beautiful gift idea, or just fancy treating yourself, have a look at some of the beautiful hand crocheted items at B’s Beautiful Creations. Isabella’s gorgeous hat and poncho are beautifully thick, warm and so well made that compliments keep coming every time we go out. The design is lovely and doesn’t have too many large holes/gaps which can sometimes make crocheted items look thin or cheap. Isabella has a teal hat and matching poncho {Read More}

BU Bibs Taggie Comfort Blanket

BU Bibs do a lovely handmade bib and taggie blanket duo. They are bright, soft and most importantly they mop up a lot of dribble! My little one, like many of yours (I’m sure), has turned into a dribble machine 24/7; the only time she doesn’t dribble is when she is asleep and we have ‘plugged the hole’ so to speak with her dummy. So I began a hunt for the best dribble bib and came across this lovely set {Read More}