Messy-Me Messy Mat

With a weaning baby and a messy pre-schooler, dinner time can prove to be quite sticky. It never used to be too much of an issue as our old dining room was in the conservatory which had wooden floors. However, having just moved into our new house, the dining room now has carpet and we all know carpet and spaghetti bolognaise don’t mix. That’s where the messy mat comes in. We’ve been trialling the messy mat from Messy-Me and it’s {Read More}

OXO Tot Feeding Products

We’ve been testing the: Flip-Top Snack Cup, Divided Plate, Sippy Cup Set -7oz Having started our baby led feeding adventure, and when I say adventure, I mean continual mess making, we have been trying out some feeding essentials from OXO Tot. Lots of people who are baby led weaning will just put all food on a highchair tray but I have found that sometimes other feeing equipment is needed. We absolutely love the Sippy Cup Set as it grows with your {Read More}

Baby Led Weaning

Need a good book about baby led weaning? Why not give this one, from Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett, a go? Chapters include: what baby led weaning is, how it works, how to get started, first foods to try, how it fits into family life, how to ensure a healthy diet as well as a troubleshooting chapter (because nothing will ever go exactly to plan!).  Or you could check out her website at: