Zen Design for a Better Night`s Sleep

*Collaborative Post* Originating from Japan, the Zen philosophy focuses on creating balance, harmony, and relaxation through meditation practice. Zen principles benefit from increased popularity, and they became even more appreciated during the pandemic. Although not an interior design style itself, Zen also moved into our private spaces, as we were all seeking to control our lives during stressful times better. With interior design styles such as Japandi, Wabi-Sabi, and Minimalist at their pick, a Zen home is meant to be {Read More}

How to Best Maximise the Space in Your Child’s Room

*Collaborative Post* Small spaces are tricky when it comes to interior design. There always seems to be a constant struggle to combine design and décor with functionality, making the space both inviting but well-organised. Nowhere is this more the case than with a child’s room. Kids are notorious for having large collections of toys, arts and crafts, books, and so forth, all of which can take over their room in no time. If you’re ready to tackle your child’s room {Read More}