Funky Giraffe Bibs

We have been using various different dribble bibs on and off for months now but we had never tried Funky Giraffe Bibs before. At a year old and with only 2 teeth, I think we are certainly going to be needing some serious dribble bibs – I have a feeling we will get quite a few teeth all at once! These bibs however aren’t just useful for teething babies. Isabella has been really poorly over the last week and she {Read More}

Zippy Suit Bandana Bibs

I’m always on the look out for good dribble bibs, as my 11 month old son is super dribbly when he’s teething, so the Zippy Bib seemed a great option. I liked the colour and design of the bib and thought it was really soft. The bib washed well and dried really quickly and was also quite absorbent. There were a number of downsides though. The actual bib was quite big, so to wear as a dribble bib through the {Read More}

Dribblers Stay Dry Bandana Bib

I’ve been hunting for the best dribble bib for my little girl as she just doesn’t stop. Most dribble bibs that use a fleece lining to help keep the dribble at bay tend to be quite thick and bulky and they can cause irritation around the neck or mouth area when they get wet. Well here is a dribble bib with a difference that actually works! When I received my Dribblers in the post, I thought there’s no way these {Read More}