What To Do If Your Heating Switches Off Suddenly?

*collaborative post* You rely on the heater in your home to keep the place warm and comfortable. There are times though when you have concerns. Something isn’t working as it should, and that means no heat. Not only will the home be cold and uncomfortable, but you could end up with frozen pipes! When your heat switches off suddenly, it can be the result of a minor issue or something more extensive. Do your best to troubleshoot and resolve the {Read More}

Why you’re feeling cold this winter

*Collaborative Poat* As the nights start drawing in, and you find yourself putting on fluffy socks to sleep in, you might notice that you’re still feeling a little cold. There are a few reasons for that, so here are some of them – and how you can keep toasty this winter. A problem with your boiler You might notice that your heating isn’t working to its full capacity and your radiators aren’t getting as hot any more. If you haven’t {Read More}

How to choose a boiler cover plan?

The living without a boiler in chill months is nearly impossible. Anyone cannot afford any breakdown or problems with a boiler in winter. The problems increases if problems occurred during the winter and you need to find an experienced engineer to fix the issues. To decrease the problem or tension, you can choose a boiler insurance plan. The insurance plan not only gives you the service to fix the boiler but also it can provide you a good engineer for {Read More}

Keeping Your Heating System Running Efficiently

*Collaborative Post* Now that the warm weather is here, we no longer need our heating on. But, that does not mean that we have completely forgotten about this important system. Far from it, the summer is the perfect time to sort out any issues and get your system ready for the autumn. Top up your heating oil If you run your system using heating oil, now is a good time to get hold of someone like Super Saver Oil and {Read More}

New boiler and heating system

When we moved into our current home, we knew that the heating system would need updating. The was quite old, didn’t look like it was going to last much longer and wasn’t hugely efficient. We decided that for the first week we officially owned the house that I would move in with my parents for a week and we would get the heating fixed before we officially moved in. Choices There are actually more choices available for central heating systems {Read More}