Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

Available in lots of designs, I liked the subtlety of the Bebe Au Lait nursing covers.  It retails at about £27.50, is available in 20 designs and comes with a rigid neckline allowing for ventilation and easy visibility of your baby.  The corners have pockets for storing pads or pacifiers and are made from terrycloth in case of emergency reflux clear up (very useful!) I was struggling to breastfeed in public and wanted a nursing cover that was discreet.  I {Read More}


The BubbaBuddy Nursing Cover is a truly fantastic design. I had been using large muslin squares tied around my neck to cover me while I was out but this was quite awkward and I sometimes got quite flustered. Not only did I find it tricky, Isabella would get too hot under there and end up fussing while feeding. The BubbaBuddy has made feeding in public so much easier for me and more comfortable for Isabella. It has a rigid boned {Read More}