Medela Single Mini Electric Breastpump

A friend recommended the Medela Single Mini Electric Breastpump to me when I was pregnant and intending to breastfeed my baby but wanted to have the option of bottle-feeding occasionally using expressed breast milk.  I had heard that Medela were a reputable and trusted brand used in hospitals.  The Mini Electric was developed for short-term or occasional use at home with the mains supply or when on the go with batteries. The design is compact and easy to use and {Read More}

Ardo Calypso Electric Breast Pump

This breast pump is a really good investment for any mummy who might need to express and feels they don’t really have the time. It’s easy to use, good quality and very effective; I can normally express in just 10 minutes. Even though I predominantly breast feed, it’s not always possible and being able to express quickly means I don’t find it a hassle. The Calypso Electric Breast Pump has over 60 different combinations of settings which means that you {Read More}