Budgeting for a New Car – Can You Afford to Make the Purchase Right Now?

*Collaborative Post* There is nothing worse than unexpected expenses. Even if you were expecting it at the back of your mind, there’s a good chance that if it’s a big expense, you’ve been putting it off and hoping it would happen much later than sooner. A car is a great example of just such an expense. Investing in a brand new one means there will be all-new expenses added to your budget, usually higher than you’re currently paying. So, what {Read More}

Keeping Your Car Insurance Premium Low

*Collaborative Post* Car insurance is one of those must-have expenditures we all wish we didn’t have to pay, especially on the years where you never make a claim. However, it is a legal requirement, so there is no choice, but being such a populated market, you do have a choice on where to purchase it, so you are very welcome to shop around and I would advise using a comparison service such as Car.co.uk. There are a few things you {Read More}