Eurocamp – the perfect holiday?

With the children back at school and me firmly back in the work and school routine, my attention is turning to our next holiday! We had such a wonderful summer holiday that I’ve been looking into Eurocamp to see what they have to offer. Eurocamp have over 190 locations across Europe to choose from and all are set in beautiful locations. You have the pick from beautiful beaches, forests, lakes, cities or mountains and all of them offer amazing opportunities {Read More}

This Is Bliss – My Perfect Holiday

  As I close my eyes and dream My whole world opens up. I am in paradise. This is bliss. This paradise has changed in recent years And yet it hasn’t changed at all. Although there are palm trees aplenty And sunshine all day The sound of waves hitting the shore; There’s also children’s laughter, Jumping in the waves, Never sitting still. This is bliss. We wake up early to the sun shining But breakfast isn’t in bed. We all {Read More}