Breastfeeding Guilt

  Breastfeeding Guilt – my story   I know that breastfeeding has been in the media a lot of late but it’s usually because they’ve been asked to leave places they were feeding in but this post is more about the trials and tribulations of the actually feeding process. I have really struggled second time round and really do feel mummy guilt about it. It frustrates me no end and I know I shouldn’t beat myself up, but I do. {Read More}

Totseat: Review (an absolute must for your changing bag)

Benjamin is at the stage now where he just won’t sit still unless he’s eating which is great fun until you go out and there aren’t any highchairs to be seen. Trying to feed a wiggling baby (who just wants to get on the floor to pick up the tiniest morsel of someone else’s discarded food) on your lap just ends up with food being smothered everywhere; from jeans and hair to inside baby’s ear – I mean I’m sure {Read More}

Troublesome 2s… Not Eating? Make Food Fun!

I don’t know what it is about toddlers and those terrible 2s but something must happen as we are well and truly in the terrible 2s faze; now I was prepared for the tantrums and crying over NOTHING, but no-one told me it could affect their eating habits too?! We went from having a child who would eat practically everything to one who wouldn’t even touch her favourite dish. The single response I found I was getting to everything was {Read More}

Bibisili Jake Giraffe Funky Silicone Bib

Piccolo Bambino (a rather lovely company who sell beautiful and contemporary gifts, as well as day to day items) were on the hunt for parents to review the Bibisili Silicone Bib and we were only too happy to help them. This flexible, silicone bib from Bibisili is a great design; the cute animals are eye catching and they look really cute on! As soon as I put it on my daughter, she tries to bite the bottom of the bib {Read More}

OXO Tot Feeding Products

We’ve been testing the: Flip-Top Snack Cup, Divided Plate, Sippy Cup Set -7oz Having started our baby led feeding adventure, and when I say adventure, I mean continual mess making, we have been trying out some feeding essentials from OXO Tot. Lots of people who are baby led weaning will just put all food on a highchair tray but I have found that sometimes other feeing equipment is needed. We absolutely love the Sippy Cup Set as it grows with your {Read More}