Have you got Father’s Day sorted?

With Father’s Day fast approaching, if you’re anything like me and leave things to the last minute, you might need to nip out and get some supplies in before the big day. Tesco and Hallmark have thankfully come up with a huge range of Father’s Day cards and gifts which would be perfect for any dad this Father’s Day. They have such a large range of affordable, quality cards that you’d struggle not to find the perfect one for you. {Read More}

Wicked Uncle Online Toy Shop

With so many of our friends’ little ones birthday’s coming up (as well as my own daughter’s), I wanted to try and find some inspiration from somewhere to get some fab presents from, so when we had the opportunity to review Wicked Uncle (online present buying experience), I was extremely excited. Their website is really easy to navigate, even off of a smart phone and I was easily able to select the relevant section to help me narrow down my search. Wicked Uncle is {Read More}

15 Must Have Baby Christmas Gifts

So, what does a baby really want for Christmas? Well, apart from the wrapping paper and boxes! Here are 15 must have items for any baby this Christmas: 1. Sophie Giraffe teether 2. Baby grows (the next size up) 3. Stacking cups (babies find these hilarious) 4. Sleeping pods/bags 5. Nightlight and melodies 6. Bath toys 7. Skwish 8. Books 9. Baby Bjorn/carrier 10. Jumperoo 11. Baby clothes 12. Rattles 13. Finger puppets (to help bring stories to life) 14. Rocking horse 15. Bubbles If you’re looking to get something that will help the parents {Read More}

How to make a nappy cake

Want to know how to make a nappy cake? I wanted to give my sister-in-law a unique gift before her baby arrived and after lots of research, I decided to make her a nappy cake fully of useful goodies for when her baby arrived. These are a brilliant idea and a great centerpiece to any baby shower gift table. To make your nappy cake, I would use a size 2 or 3 nappy just in case the baby doesn’t fit {Read More}