Totseat: Review (an absolute must for your changing bag)

Benjamin is at the stage now where he just won’t sit still unless he’s eating which is great fun until you go out and there aren’t any highchairs to be seen. Trying to feed a wiggling baby (who just wants to get on the floor to pick up the tiniest morsel of someone else’s discarded food) on your lap just ends up with food being smothered everywhere; from jeans and hair to inside baby’s ear – I mean I’m sure {Read More}

My First Mealtime – OXOTot Seedling Highchair

The OXO Tot Seedling Highchair was a huge hit with my little one from the first time she saw it; she thought it was such a cool ‘big girl chair’ because it looks grown up and unlike the other highchairs we have seen. So the morning came and it’s breakfast time – before I even had the chance to tell Isabella to sit to the table, she was already in the highchair and trying to clip it up. Once clipped {Read More}

Mamas and Papas Snax Highchair

As we have progressed down the baby led weaning route, I wanted a highchair with a tray that would be large enough to allow my daughter lots of space for exploring (with the hope that it would also catch a lot of the mess). We decided on the Mamas and Papas Snax because it ticked so many boxes and we haven’t been disappointed. The highchair height can be adjusted to 6 different levels making it really versatile and also meaning {Read More}