Must-have toys for entertaining the kids

Entertaining kids of all ages can be challenging and these days many parents fall into a trap of allowing too much “screen time” to beat the boredom. Although certain forms of technology can be useful for children to learn certain skills, and of course pass the time, there are also many classic toys and games that are perfect for keeping them busy both indoors and outdoor. If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look below at our list of {Read More}

Things to do this summer

With summer fast approaching and the holidays well and truly upon us, my mind has turned to how to fill up the summer holidays. With this in mind I thought I would share some ideas with you and hopefully provide you with some inspiration. Staycation With foreign holidays being so up in the air, we decided to book a UK staycation again this year. After the trauma of our cancelled holiday last year, we just felt a staycation would be {Read More}

Relocating to Malaysia with Children – A Few Tips for Parents

*Collaborative Post* Moving to another country is hard no matter your situation, but even more so if you have children. You have to look at things such as education, daycare, transportation, and healthcare among other things. Then there’s the fact that children don’t always deal as well with relocation. These are all things that you have to be prepared for if you want to be able to adapt yourself quickly and get comfortable in your new home. Let’s take a {Read More}

Top Tips for Preparing Your Child for Nursery

*collaborative post* When the day comes that you child is to attend nursery for the first time, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling all sorts of emotions. Trepidation for your child as they prepare to enter the first stage of their formal education and excitement as they begin what can be part of some of their happiest childhood memories. Preparing your child for nursery is something that should be approached from a positive standpoint. If you are nervous about it, {Read More}

The Benefits of School Trips for Children

*collaborative post* Some of your strongest memories of school days probably include at least one school trip. Whether it was that day at the zoo or the big skiing trip, you’ll likely have some fond memories of the excitement of setting out on the coach, packed lunch to hand and a feeling of freedom that a day or weekend out of the classroom brought about. School trips are vital for educational purposes but also as bonding experiences for both pupils {Read More}

Understanding Your Child’s Curriculum

*collaborative post* It’s useful for parents to have a clear understanding of the curriculum so that you can be aware of challenges as they arise. This will enable you to fully support your child as they journey through the various stages of education. The National Curriculum in England is separated into 4 key stages and how your child fits into these stages will depend on their age. We don’t include the first year of most children’s education or Reception in {Read More}

Helping Your Child with their Social Skills

*collaborative post* When it comes to social skills, some children are naturals whilst others take a little longer to learn how to get along. It’s like anything – reading, writing or speaking – there are those who pick things up quickly and those that don’t. What matters most is that all children are treated as individuals as this private prep school in Surrey says, each child has his or her own needs which should be catered to. Children of all {Read More}

Why Experiences Make Some Of The Greatest Gifts For Kids

*collaborative post* When thinking back on our childhood memories of bike rides, fireworks, family pets, and holidays will be the strongest for many of us. Sure, we all loved getting presents as well – who doesn’t? But the memories that stick tend to come from meaningful or exciting experiences. That’s why you should consider making memories when you buy your kids gifts this year. They will benefit from experiences in so many ways, and creating lasting memories is just one {Read More}

Helping Your Child Make the Most of their Education

As a parent, it is likely that you are keen for your children to perform well in school and make the most of their academic journey. Essentially, you want them to reach their full potential. However, if they don’t have your full support, it will be harder for them to find the confidence and motivation to succeed. In fact, research on the matter has discovered that the more involved a parent is in their child’s schooling, the more likely the {Read More}

Exploring STEM Subjects in the Home

*Collaborative Post* As a parent, you might have spotted the word STEM appearing from time to time, without actually understanding what it really means. STEM is basically an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths; four crucial subjects with regards to your child’s education. STEM subjects provide children with a range of key life skills that they can transfer through different aspects of their life, from solving problems to thinking critically. In addition, children who have a deeper interest in {Read More}