Design Tips for a Family-friendly Kitchen

Did you know that the kitchen is the centre of home activity? It’s not surprising since every family member spends most of their time here, either cooking, eating, relaxing, or, why not, studying. For those who still consider the kitchen a space merely for cooking, consider changing your mind – it’s far more than that. The kitchen is a place to make memories, where the entire family gathers and spends valuable time together. Now, you may think that it’s not {Read More}

Unique Ideas To Upgrade Your Kitchen Lighting And Create A Cosy, Welcoming Space

*collaborative post* Our kitchens serve a lot of different functions in our daily lives. Preparing and eating meals, places to spend time with friends and family, and during the coronavirus pandemic, as a place to work from home. Given this, it is crucial to have the right lighting in your kitchen so that it can be a welcoming and pleasant place to be. Here are some of our top ideas for upgrading your kitchen lighting, Under-Cabinet Lighting Under-cabinet lighting is {Read More}

Modern Kitchen

Kitchens are often the heart of the home and whether you just love sitting down to family meals, or you enjoy hosting friends and family, the kitchen seems to be the place you all end up. Having a well-designed modern kitchen could be the perfect excuse for you to have a few friends over and pop open a bottle or two. Schmidt fitted modern kitchens are a Scandinavian inspired wood and natural colours kitchen with elegant geometric design. You can {Read More}


*Collaborative Post* Your kitchen is the one room in the house that sees the most challenge on a daily basis. Be it cooking, cleaning or washing you are faced with a multitude of substances that will drop to your floor from cooking sauces to water to mud. The floor takes a lot of hits daily and is faced with discoloration or ruin if not suited to such conditions. This is why vinyl flooring has become a favourite for homeowners and {Read More}