Fingy Phone Case: Review

Have you ever had that awful panic rise from the pit of your stomach? You know the one you get right after you drop your smartphone and just before you are brave enough to pick it up and see the damage! Well now you need fear this no longer as the Fingy has arrived. The what? The Fingy is the new mobile #dropstopper and will help you to keep your phone in your hands rather than down the loo or {Read More}

Tech 21 iPhone 5 Case

As a busy parent, getting things done with a toddler in toe can sometimes be tricky and most of us I’m sure (myself included) at some point have passed over their phone to their tot just to try and get something finished. This all seems like a great strategy at the time but toddlers are prone to dropping things, be it deliberately or by mistake so the best advice I can give (apart from unrealistically saying never give your toddler {Read More}