Caring for houseplants: ensuring they grow, thrive, and make your home more charming

It’s easy to love plants. They make you feel closer to nature, and caring for them can be downright meditative. Indoor gardening is enjoying its moment in the spotlight at the moment, with a surge in popularity, meaning that more and more people are looking to bring pot plants into their homes. One of the reasons for this is the science-backed health benefits of plants. Not only are they linked to a reduction in stress levels, but they can also {Read More}

5 Factors why you need a houseplant   

*Collaborative Post* Plants come as a storehouse of positivity, happiness and they also render us with abundant purified air. They can even appear to be a survival kit for people because it releases bountiful oxygen and purity in the atmosphere.  Following this, being surrounded by plants helps in treating your health problems. These plants also endow us with an ample amount of clean air to breathe in and are like a revitalizing dose of energy for us. Thus, house plants {Read More}