B-Sensible 2 in 1 Fitted Sheets

If you have children, you will completely understand the rigmarole of having to change your child’s bedding in the middle of the night if they’ve been ill or had an accident. The actual changing of the sheets isn’t too bad in itself but if the mess has seeped through onto the mattress or pillows, it can be a real pain. Recently my two were both ill in the night. Poor Benjamin was sick about 6 times during the night and {Read More}

Hartmann’s underpads – perfect for potty training!

With Benjamin almost ready to move into his ‘big boy bed’ and the thoughts of potty training looming, we’ve been getting a few things ready to help out with the possibility of bedtime accidents and Hartmann’s underpads are top on the list of items to get stocked up on. If you’ve ever gone through the potty training thing, you’ll know just how hard it can be but for some, it’s not the day time toilet training that’s the issue, it’s {Read More}

Princess Isabella’s Potty Book

As lots of you will know, we’ve not had the easiest run with potty training in terms of number 2s so when I got the chance to review Princess Isabella’s Potty from Penwizard, I jumped at the chance in the hope that it would help in potty training. If you’re interested in hearing more on my adventures, you can read it here. When you click on the book you wish to review, you get the chance to personalise the character {Read More}

The ordinary moments – potty fun!

This week’s ordinary moments have to be dedicated to potty training; it’s something everyone has to do at some point but no one really wants to do because of … Well all the accidents! We are on day 5 of potty training today and I have to say how hugely proud of my little girl I am. She’s been through a lot of changes of late including starting big girl school 3 weeks ago (which I certainly think has something {Read More}

Getting Ready To Potty Train

So I’ve read a couple of books and articles about when I should start potty training and for some experts, Isabella should have been potty trained by now but if I’m totally honest, she just isn’t ready. I think she’s starting to think about it but I really am not going to push her into doing something she isn’t comfortable with, especially as we are expecting number two and I’ve heard how toddlers can sometimes go backwards when big changes {Read More}