Understanding Your Child’s Curriculum

*collaborative post* It’s useful for parents to have a clear understanding of the curriculum so that you can be aware of challenges as they arise. This will enable you to fully support your child as they journey through the various stages of education. The National Curriculum in England is separated into 4 key stages and how your child fits into these stages will depend on their age. We don’t include the first year of most children’s education or Reception in {Read More}

We made it to the New Year!

So, we’ve finally made it to the New Year! Last term felt like a really long term and we were all desperately ready for the break but we’ve also made some really positive steps since September. So here’s a catch up before they go back to school tomorrow! Isabella Isabella has done really well at school, especially with her reading. She is starting to enjoy the stories a little more now they have a little more to them. But more {Read More}

Who’s more tired?

Isabella has been at school now for almost three weeks, although this week is her first week of full days (including a couple of breakfast clubs and after school clubs) and to be completely honest, I’m not sure who’s more tired, exhausted and ready for the October half term!   As a family, we’ve found Isabella starting school incredibly difficult from a childcare perspective. After I had my children, I decided I would return to work but on a part-time {Read More}