Storage Tips for When Space is Tight

*Collaborative Post* Storage in any home can be such a problem. It all starts out fine, but over time the cupboards fill up and suddenly there’s nowhere to put anything. Living in a cluttered environment isn’t good for mental health, as plenty of studies have shown. Good storage can help solve the problem, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to turn your clutter back into collections of items you love. Have a Clear Out It doesn’t have {Read More}

Keeping the house tidy with kids!

As a busy parent who works part time, I’m always on the lookout for products that make cleaning up and tidying the house quick and effortless. I never seem to quite manage to keep on top of the house work; washing always needs doing, I hoover almost constantly and there’s always something on the floor, whether it be toys, slippers, socks, a sippy cup. No matter how much I pick up during the day, it never stays tidy for long. {Read More}

BLOKPOD review

Anyone with a LEGO collection  – the BLOKPOD is a must have item! We’ve been using the BLOKPOD for a few weeks now and even though we’ve held off on using LEGO with it, (it’s just too small for Benjamin at the moment) we have used it for our LEGO Duplo and as a storage unit, it’s been brilliant. I love that you can separate all of the different block sizes to make it easier to build and I also {Read More}