My Top Modest Swimwear Picks for summer 2019

With summer officially less than a month away, I have been getting the family ready for more outdoor activities. That includes going swimming and spending time at the beach. So, I have visited to look at their bikini, one-piece, tankini and swim dress ranges. I am pleased to report that, this year, the swimwear designers have come up with some fantastic costumes. It does not matter what shape or size you are there is a costume out there, with {Read More}

Frugi Family Swimwear review

It is of course no surprise by now for regular readers that I am a part of the lovely Frugi Family (and what a fantastically organic family they are too!). Having recently blogged about their gorgeous organic cotton summer pyjamas, we are now going to be showing off Frugi’s exciting brand new swimwear range along with Benjamin’s summer ready legs!I was a little concerned that we may have to just use a ball pit for the photos this time round {Read More}

When thoughts turn to holidays…

With thoughts of going on our first holiday since Isabella was born, my thoughts have not turned to swimwear and armbands! I haven’t even booked the holiday yet but already I’m internet shopping/browsing to see what’s available and what I might need to buy to keep my toddler safe, especially if she’s going to swim.   The first thing I thought about was the sun suits you can buy; I don’t know about your little one but I can’t imagine {Read More}