Gumigem Miller Heart Necklace

                  What a fantastic creation! I have been using this Miller Heart teething necklace for a few weeks now and I absolutely love it. Not only does it mean I can wear jewellery again (and look somewhat stylish), but it is a huge hit with my daughter too. At only 21 weeks old, I think most teething rings/toys are a little heavy for Isabella to hold so I end up holding them {Read More}

CLOSED – Winner Pauline Scotten

  FOR MUM TO WEAR…….AND BABY TO ENJOY! You could be in with the chance of winning this beautiful GUMIGEM® Miller Heart Pendant. Have you found that since having a baby wearing jewellery isn’t ideal? Fed up with your jewellery being tugged and chewed on? Scared that baby maybe chewing on something that isn’t for young gums and teeth? Scared your good jewellery will be destroyed? GUMIGEM® jewellery has been designed by a mother who experienced the very same problems {Read More}

Make Your Own Teething Necklace

What you will need for your teething necklace: • a piece of fabric at least 44 inches long (this can be one piece or lots of different pieces sewn together) • beads: 1 inch (9 ish) • ribbon: 2 feet • scissors, sewing machine (can be done by hand but it’s a lot more time consuming and tricky) 1) First cut your fabric into a 3.5 inch X 44 inch strip and fold so that the fabric is inside out. 2) Sew it using {Read More}