The 52 project – 12th July

    Benjamin’s first swimming trip- he’s not sure!          One of her favourite parks!  

The 52 Project – summer’s coming

With the sun out, I thought what better snaps to post than with the little man in a baseball cap taking in all the fun at the park and having a snooze on Daddy at a wedding.     Followed by this cheeky little monkey and her love of stickers and having fun but also showing her love of all things girly.        

The 52 Project – how time flies

    6 weeks old and smiling already- I really can’t believe he’s 6 weeks old; time really is going way too fast.     Again, time is just speeding by. My little ‘big girl’ has settled well into pre-school now and hasn’t had a wobble all week. She’s also perfecting her cheesiest face selfie.         

The 52 Project 03.05.15

   I know she’ll hate me for this but here is my big girl using her potty! She’s growing too fast.    My gorgeous boy 5 weeks old and smiling away at me.      The cuties having a splash around 🙂  

The 52 Project

My gorgeous boy on his month birthday.  My pretty girly and her crazy hair! Loving siblings.

The 52 Project

  Trying to decide if she should eat the bread or feed it to the ducks; one for me, one for you!     Best of friends.   A portrait of my child once a week, every week.

The 52 Project

  Not the best quality pic but this is my gorgeous girl who is really starting to enjoy imaginary play. She spent quite a few hours this weekend (on and off) playing in her castle and I just loved hearing her play make-believe.