The ordinary moments

This weeks ordinary moments consist of firsts and things I thought were over… We’ve pottered around the house and had a busy weekend out too at a wedding and then with friends today.  Around the house Benjamin has found himself in the mirror and smiles at himself A LOT – he can amuse himself for a long time just looking in the mirror, it’s beyond cute.       Having had a busy weekend, Isabella has totally worn herself out and for {Read More}

The ordinary moments – potty fun!

This week’s ordinary moments have to be dedicated to potty training; it’s something everyone has to do at some point but no one really wants to do because of … Well all the accidents! We are on day 5 of potty training today and I have to say how hugely proud of my little girl I am. She’s been through a lot of changes of late including starting big girl school 3 weeks ago (which I certainly think has something {Read More}

Ordinary Moments – snuggles

This week’s ordinary moments have to be snuggles. I LOVE them. I’ve picked snuggles this week because we’ve had a lot of them; family snuggles as well as ‘sneaky’ snuggles when no one else is looking and snuggles to make you feel better.  Isabella has definitely regressed slightly since Benjamin was born and wants to be held like a baby and cared for like a baby. She even asks for her pyjamas to have ‘gloves’ like bemjamin’s sleepsuits. While this {Read More}

The ordinary moments

These are my new ordinary moments; a new little boy to stare at and of course my beautiful girl too.      This was Isabella waking up and meeting her new brother for the first time. Instant love.    She is beyond excited about our new addition.   The first Sunday lie in with the new little man goes to me and I’m sat upstairs in bed feedingn Benjamin and listening to my little family downstairs playing games. It’s blissful. The {Read More}

The ordinary moments

Isabella has always been a wriggler but over the last week especially, I’ve been popping in to her room more at night to see that her covers are still on at night as she wiggles so much. We’ve had a few big bumps on her head some nights as she has hit her head on a wall or headboard but she’s getting better.  This weeks ordinary moments are dedicated to Isabella sleeping. She sometimes looks so sweet and there are {Read More}

The Ordinary Moments

I love having those really relaxed days where nothing is planned and you can just do whatever takes your fancy. This weekend it felt like a pancake kinda day so we all helped make the pancakes for breakfast before sitting down to watch Finding Nemo (Isabella’s first time). After Nemo we had a wonder around the park and fed the ducks (this seems to be a recurring theme at the weekend!) before coming come to a warm hot chocolate, snuggles {Read More}

The Ordinary Moments 08.03.15

We have been doing a lot of park walks and soft play adventures over the past few weeks but sometimes just chilling out at home is what’s needed. This week we had a friend pop by to borrow a couple of bits and enjoy a cuppa and a hot cross bun and Isabella was excited that she got to spend some time with her little friend.   I just love how excited she is to be close to a baby and {Read More}

Ordinary Moments #2 (8/52)

So this weeks has been full of seeing people and doing things because it’s been half term and I’ve been off work which has been blissful. I have really cherished this half term because, being 35 weeks pregnant, I am really beginning to get exhausted and the half term has meant I can have a few cheeky lie-ins (until 8am one day)… now that’s what I call a treat with a toddler. We always love crafting so it is pretty {Read More}