Squid Soap: Review

Does anyone else struggle to get their little one to wash their hands properly? I think it can be quite a tricky concept for small people to understand about germs and things they can’t actually see which is why SquidSoap (Magic ink training soap) (Orange) have made washing the germs away a little more tangible for them. When your little squidlet goes to wash their hands, Squid Soap will actually put a mark on their hands that they have to rub {Read More}

The Threenager – My story

The ‘threenager’ has landed. People talk about the ‘Terrible Twos’ but to be honest I think it’s more about the ‘threenager’; you know the ones I mean, the kind, generous, playful little things who suddenly snap and turn into bolshie,  obstinate balls of aggression and attitude at the flip of a switch.   Don’t get me wrong, I never thought this parenting lark would be easy but once we were past the ‘Terrible Twos’ (and of course the jealousy that {Read More}

Troublesome 2s… Not Eating? Make Food Fun!

I don’t know what it is about toddlers and those terrible 2s but something must happen as we are well and truly in the terrible 2s faze; now I was prepared for the tantrums and crying over NOTHING, but no-one told me it could affect their eating habits too?! We went from having a child who would eat practically everything to one who wouldn’t even touch her favourite dish. The single response I found I was getting to everything was {Read More}