Vileda Superhero Cleaning Campaign

Vileda have a ‘POW’erful superhero campaign running where you can become the next big cleaning superhero and banish bacteria from your home. We put one of these powerful products to the test last year; I absolutely adore the Vileda Windomatic and I loved the results even more. I will always try anything that makes my life easier in terms of cleaning and if I can become a superhero in the process, who am I to argue. The Windomatic leaves a {Read More}

Vileda Windomatic

We’ve been putting the Vileda Windomatic to the test (let’s face it, I’ll do pretty much anything to make cleaning easier!) and I love the results. I’m going to let you in to a dirty little secret, since moving into my house a year and a half ago, I’ve only every cleaned the windows once (and that was when we moved in!). I have always found an excuse and put it off but when we were asked to try out {Read More}