Healthy Ways to Achieve a Proper Work-Life Balance

* Collaborative Post* Your work-life balance is one of the most important aspects of your life. You must maintain a healthy one to experience the highest quality of living. The following are some tips you can use to improve your work-life balance: 1. Wake Up Earlier People say there aren’t enough hours in the day. While it’s true that you can’t create more hours, you can give yourself extra time to enjoy life by waking up early. If you usually {Read More}

Part-time slacker

After the birth of my daughter, I decided I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her at home instead of sending her off to be looked after by other people (after all, surely the reason we have children to begin with is to spend time with them and bring them up, right?). Well, we couldn’t afford for me to stay at home altogether and actually, I also missed working a little, so deciding to go back to {Read More}

5 Tips for Parents to Create Balance Between Work and Life

It’s hard to be a working parent and then spare time for family life; that work life balance just seems so elusive. Earlier, women used to remain at home and husbands go to work to earn their living. But now, as per the recent surveys out of 10, nearly eight mothers go to work either part time or full time. Being a working mother can make you feel proud, but still, there is a feeling of guilt about the divided {Read More}