52 project 20th September 

      A weekend full of first foods and helping clear out the garage ready to move. Both these little monkeys are growing up so quickly… Note miss independent’s shoes are on the wrong feet! 

The 52 project 6th September 


52 project 23rd August

52 project 16th August 


52 project 9th Agust


52 project 2nd August 


The 52 Project

19th July        26th July        

The 52 project – 12th July

    Benjamin’s first swimming trip- he’s not sure!          One of her favourite parks!  

52 Project

28th June            5th July        

The 52 Project 

Ok so once again I’ve got more than a little bit behind on this 🙁 but I’m getting back on track ( I Hope!) May 24th  He’s getting a good smile now 🙂 Isabella loves hugging and kissing him. The girl loves a yogurt! 31st May 7th June  14th June          21st June