6 free Christmas activities to do with children

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Christmas is approaching, and we are all looking for ways to get ourselves in the Christmas spirit! There is so much to think about at Christmas, food, presents, writing to Santa, it can all be very time-consuming. Sometimes, we can forget to take full advantage of the holiday season, and it can be over before you know it. That’s why we have compiled a list of some great activities that you can do with children for free that will keep you both feeling Christmassy. Some are classic ideas but can be easy to overlook, and some you may not have thought of. If you are still struggling for present ideas, you may want to read this article on gifts suitable for boys.

Christmas Lights

All ages can appreciate Christmas lights. At this time of year, they are popping up anywhere, so you may not be paying much attention to them. But you can really make an exciting activity out of this. Go somewhere where there are lots of Christmas lights such as a shopping mall or city center. Or better yet, put your pj’s on, make some hot chocolate in a flask, grab your Christmas CD’s out and take a trip in the car solely to look at Christmas lights.

Christmas Craft

You can make presents for the whole family with your children or make decorations to put around your home. Children will love seeing their work put to good use. Play some Christmas music and get around a table. For some ideas of what to make, click here. If you’re looking for more adult crafts, you can see how to make a papercut wreath too.

Christmas Films

This may seem obvious, but nothing quite gets us into the Christmas spirit like a good Christmas film. You can make this perhaps more exciting by making a list with your Children of what you are going to watch together and on what days. Perhaps get some sweet treats and Christmas pj’s and relax.

Build a fort

This is always an exciting activity for children, and most adults too! Spend a day making a fort and decorate it with everything Christmas! You can use decorations you have made together, hang fairy lights, use a Christmas blanket you might have. You could also wrap some empty boxes up with Christmas wrapping paper for some fake presents. Depending on how much room you have in your house, you could even keep this up for the holiday season.

Read some Christmas stories

Why not start making your bedtime stories all about Christmas? You do not necessarily need to buy lots of new books; instead, you can find plenty of stories online. If you have any Christmassy accessories such as a Santa hat or antlers, you could put these on to read. Just to present yourself as getting into the Christmas spirit. Here are 8 stories to get you started.

Christmas scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are not just for Easter! Using the previous year’s Christmas toys and decorations. Hide items around your home and get children looking for them. When they have found things, they can then choose where to place it in the house.


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