Aylesbury Aqua Vale Swimming

We love swimming but the small training pool we were using was beginning to lose its appeal as there wasn’t much to look at or do except splash about. This would have been absolutely fine but because there wasn’t a lot to do, we were only in the pool around 20 minutes and it cost around £7 which I think is quite a lot.

When a friend recommended Aqua Vale at Aylesbury, I initially thought it was quite a way to go for a 20 minute swim but decided to give it a go; I’m so glad I did!

Although you have to pay £2 for parking but you get that back which is brilliant if you pass them the tear off section of your parking ticket..

Once we were in, we went in search of changing facilities and they were great. There are quite a few large baby changing booths and they have a large changing table which is great. My only concern was the lack of any harness to use when I was getting changed! Instead I had to put Isabella on the floor as she would have rolled off the table! Getting ready for the swim was easy enough but when we got out of the pool and tried to find a changing both, they were all being used – high demand for such a popular place!!

The pool itself is amazing. There was so much to do that we ended up swimming around for about an hour and a half. There is a bubble pool/Jacuzzi, large pool with two large abacus style toys around one edge, a children’s splash about area with side etc, a lazy river (our personal favourite) and some larger slides/flumes. There is a pool for ‘proper’ swimming too but we didn’t venture in there!

There really is so much to do that you could quite happily spend the morning or afternoon splashing around which makes the entry even better value for money in my eyes.

The air is really warm around the pool so even when you are walking to different sections of the pool, you don’t feel chilly and the babies (all the ones I saw in the days I’ve been) seem fine getting in and out the water.

If you’re lucky enough to go when the sun is shining, they take the roof off the pool and for a split second you could almost imagine that you were on holiday. Almost!

It has such a lovely atmosphere and all the life guards (I saw quite a few) were really lovely and helpful.

Because we ended up spending longer in the pool than we first anticipated, we ended up stopping for lunch too. There is a good variety of food and drink on offer and plenty of high-chairs too. My only fault I could see was that again, due to popular demand, they were very busy!

I highly recommend giving Aqua Vale a try; we love it and it’s a great morning out that doesn’t cost the earth!


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  1. The parking for AquaVale is now £2 and it just cost me £5.10 with my baby during term time – so please can you update your info. There are a lot of dirty areas and you really have to try and look past that to have enjoy the facilities, which are generally good for little ones. We used the private shower and it was GRIM!
    So this mummy says – go and have fun, but take your specs off!

    • Sorry to hear things aren’t as clean as they used to be. I will certainly update the pricing info – thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will try and contact AquaVale and let them know it’s not as clean as it should be!

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