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baby-sensory-logoGoing from working in a busy school five days a week to staying at home looking after my daughter was a bit of a shock. While I absolutely love being at home with Isabella, I missed the adult contact and interaction I got from work so I started to research baby classes that I could join.

After a lot of research, I found Baby Sensory which is a sensory programme which is suitable from birth. It not only looked like great fun but looked like it would benefit my daughter’s development too. Baby Sensory say their activities ‘aim to  build up a vocabulary of sensory experiences (e.g. visual, auditory and tactile), to enhance physical contact (massage, reflexology, touching, cuddling and rocking) between you and your baby and to promote the development of speech through the use of sign language, music, song and puppets’.

You get your first session free so I decided to go along and took one of my friends who has also just had a baby. After an hour of singing, signing, playing and meeting new people, I came out jubilant. My friend and I decided we would definitely go back and I loved my experience so much that after telling the girls from my NCT group, five more mummies and babies joined up.

Every week I go to Baby Sensory there is something new to try and the babies all seem to love trying new things (even the tiny babies). The class always starts with the same song ‘Say Hello To The Sun’ and this is one of the songs that is used to help develop baby signing. Isabella, even at just 7 weeks, would watch me intently while I signed along to the song and I now make sure I do this everyday.

In the middle of the session there is time for unstructured play and this not only allows you and your baby to try new activities or go back to the ones you know your baby loves, but it is also time to talk to the other mums there. I found this to be such an important element.

If I could suggest just one activity a week you do with your baby, it would be Baby Sensory! Check it out for yourself at:

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