Garden fun: Bug Hunting

Towards the end of last month was National Insect Week (20th -26th June) and to celebrate, Anthisan sent us a lovely bug hunting kit.

Even though we haven’t been having the best weather this summer, we’ve been out hunting in the garden and talking about the importance of bugs and insects.Isabella is a real girly girl; I mean, she’s been known to scream a truly harrowing scream because an ant was on her slide (I honestly thought she had fallen off the slide at first!). So talking to her about the importance of these insects has made her less squeamish and has been great fun too.

I had to swallow my own fear a little too and hold the magnifying pot with a spider in it; although I couldn’t actually bring myself to catch the spider, I didn’t let on I was scared and really tried to embrace the challenge.

Isabella has played for hours at a time with this wonderful little kit and here’s a few snaps of her finds.

We were given a bug hunting kit to help us with this post.

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