Buzz in for Summer Fun with Wyevale

Six weeks can be a long time to keep the children entertained and sometimes, especially with our unpredictable weather, going out and keeping the children amused can become quite expensive. So when I heard about Wyevale’s Buzz in for Summer Fun events, I couldn’t wait to get the children involved.

We got booked into two sessions: Buzz in for Summer Fun – Potty for Bees and the Breakfast with Buzzy Bee to keep the children entertained. Unfortunately for us, the breakfast event was cancelled for the date we had booked and we were unable to reschedule the date for an alternative but we did still go along for the Potty for Bees session.

We picked the perfect day for this session – true to form, the British weather failed us and it was pouring with rain so a craft session inside, followed by some food was just what we needed.

The session itself was well run and all the equipment was ready for us as soon as we arrived. The concept of decorating a pot before getting the chance to plant your own strawberry plant was fantastic. It was however a little trickier than that. We were given really sticky black and yellow tape to use to decorate the pots like a bee. All the children who came to the event found it really difficult to get the tape on the pot properly so the adults had to get quite involved. My two didn’t mind at all but some of the slightly older children wanted to be more independent. Perhaps it would have been better to paint the pot or use ceramic pens?

Once the tape was on, the children enjoyed creating the bees face and sticking it to the pot. The pipe cleaner was a lovely touch for the antenna.

Buzz in for Summer Fun

Planting the strawberry plant was the highlight for both my children – they love getting a little mucky and can’t wait to see who’s strawberry plant produces the first strawberry.

The craft session was over pretty quickly. It would have been nice if there had been a little talk about the importance of bees and why the event was based around bees but that’s just me nit picking. For £2.50, it was a great event. I would say however that it’s not something I would drive any longer than 15 minutes to go to as it’s over so quickly. If you have a garden centre close to you, then it’s a lovely activity to choose to keep your little ones entertained.

Add-On Meal

We had pre-booked an add-on meal for after the event so headed straight to the café for some refreshments. This was the only part that was a bit of a let-down. With two small, hungry children I found a table before going up to the counter and asking for our meals. The staff weren’t hugely helpful and told me that drinks weren’t included in the add-on price so we had to buy drinks separately. It was only after I got back to the table and clicked back through the website to the add on selection that I saw that drinks were included in the add-on. When I queried this with the staff, they made a bit of a fuss before agreeing that I could have drinks. This made me feel flustered and uncomfortable and meant that I didn’t want to stay.

This for me was such a shame as the event and the meal together would have been such a lovely relaxed morning. I would like to hope that this was a one off and I wouldn’t let it stop me going to other events. The Buzz in for Summer Fun events are only on until 31st August before they change theme to suit little diggers. Some of the events available are: create your own cute and fluffy little bee creature fridge magnet, design a bee crown to wear and make a worker-bee finger puppet, plant and create your own mini bee garden with hives and flowers or have breakfast with Buzzy Bee and make your own bee boppers and you can book your session here.

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