Easter Activities

With the Easter Holidays just around the corner I’ve been thinking about what we might do to keep the kids entertained and out of the house; I feel like we’ve had such rubbish weather recently that I really want to just get out of the house regardless so here’s a list of our Easter Activities:

  1. Visit the farm – we are taking both the children to Odds Farm to have some birthday fun as Benjamin turns 1. It’s always a great day out getting to feed the animals as well as playing in the sand, driving carts and even a brilliant soft play.sheep
  2. Feed the ducks – taking a walk or cycle down to our local pond to feed the ducks always seems to go down well. I tend to do it just after lunch now as the kids will just eat all the bread otherwise!Ducks2
  3. Grow your own veg – as we’ve just moved house, the garden needs quite a bit of TLC but to kick start the makeover, I’m going to give Isabella a couple of large pots and let her grow her own veggies. I’m not hugely green fingered so get my advice from Suttons.vegetables
  4. Of course we will be doing an Easter egg hunt too – we are actually going to combine this with Benjamin’s party and have all the children at the party hunt for little Easter eggs. As well as chocolate I bought some plastic eggs that I will fill with different vegetable seeds for them to take home and grow their own.easter egg hunt
  5. Outdoor painting – we are going to create some really lovely art by using anything we find outside as our paintbrush; it could be a stick, leaf, feather, whatever they can find and we will look at how different materials can create different effects.
  6. Obstacle course – Using toys we have in the garden as well as some other bits and bobs I can find, we will create a challenging obstacle course and time each other to complete the course as well as individual challenges.
  7. Treasure hunt – Using the local area, I’m going to put together a short treasure hunt of things outside that Isabella can find. As she can’t yet read, I’ll create the list for her using pictures and give her a pencil and bag to tick off items as she goes and collect them in her bag. We can then take them home and talk about them.

If you’ve got any tried or tested outdoor activities, I’d love to ear them!

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