Fun Crafts with Baker Ross

I really love getting crafty with my little girl and she loves it too. There is nothing better than getting a little messy and experimenting with new textures and actually sitting down and talking about the way things work with little minds.

I love crafting myself and have made a few things (including a quiet book- MUST ADD TO BLOG!!!) and to see how much Isabella enjoys it too is lovely. The thing I love most is actually seeing her facial expressions change as she works out new concepts; I really would love to be so innocent and curious again.

So, on our list of things we’ve done recently with crafts from Baker Ross are:

photo 2 (15)photo 1 (18)

  • Experimenting with colours and animals through stained glass window crafts. This one is great as it’s relatively mess free (just a little bit of PVA glue which you can do if your little one is unable to and pre-cut coloured cellophane sheets and ribbon). Isabelle really enjoyed sticking the cellophane sheets over each other and making new colours and then letting the light sine through them. It’s perfect for looking at colours and talking about light and sun and generally get them talking; she wasn’t as keen on having the glue dry on her hands but as soon as I peeled it off, loved it again.

photo (27)

  • Next we made some beautiful, colourful crinkle butterflies. These were a little trickier to do as Isabella wanted to make the wings but obviously couldn’t quiet manage it yet; while she screwed up some paper to use as the wings, I folded the paper properly and then attached it to the butterfly body (she was none the wiser – oh to be nearly 2 again!). Once the butterfly was made, Isabella had brilliant fun sticking on the coloured sequins. Her reaction to anything sparkly is ‘oh pretty’ – girl after my own heart. This task took a lot of concentration on Isabella’s part and she loved being able to manipulate the small sequins.

photo (26)

  • We have potted some cress in tiny buckets and decorated them with fish stickers – stickers are always a hit and the foam ones are just like hitting the jackpot! I have also used the stickers as rewards for good manners at the dinner table and Isabella now has lots stuck on her back of her high chair too (hey just look nicer than normal stickers I think). Watching cress grow was a slow but lovely process as Isabella was clearly able to see something grow and she was able to water it and make sure it survived. We tired eating it but got the response ‘no like it’ and moved on!

photo (28)

  • As a treat for Daddy, we make him a very manly watering can pen holder for his desk upstairs. I like the idea of giving practical crafty things to people rather than just a picture because the recipient is more likely to use it and your little one will feel great when they see it’s being used. I am often staggered at the amount Isabella remembers. This craft was again a little tricky for little hands but she loved the decorating and then watching it turn into a watering can. We used this to ‘water’ our cress (less mess).

My favourite time for crafts is in the morning as I find Isabella has more patience then. What’s your favourite craft and when do you like to do it?


  1. Oh she looks like she had so much fun! We love Baker Ross x

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