Indoor activities to do with the kids

Yes, I know it’s been warm recently and you probably don’t want to be thinking about indoor activities, but I’ve found over the summer so far that there are still days where being inside is necessary or (don’t hate me for saying this!) you’ve had a little bit too much outside for one day. It’s important to have a backup over the summer, particularly for those times when the weather forecast looks a little uncertain (it is Britain after all!). Hopefully you can try out some of these ideas at home and teach the kids something in the process.


Introducing the kids to a simple fairy cake is a nice and easy intro to baking, and if you already have the ingredients, should be quite a cheap activity and something they can eat at the end!

If you’re nervous about giving them access to a hot oven, try something instead that doesn’t need cooking like cheesecake, fridgecake or the much-loved chocolate rice crispy cake, using the microwave to melt the chocolate. If there’s something more tricky you’re making anyway, perhaps for a party, get the kids to help with the mixing or bring them at the end for decorating duty.


If you’ve got some old furniture lying around, have a think about how you can mix it up. If something just needs sanding and a varnish/paint job, use it as an opportunity to show them some simple ways to mend or freshen something up.

For something more personalised for them, buy a cheap second-hand plain child’s chair from eBay or Gumtree, and let the kids create their own design. Skip straight to the painting part if the rest won’t hold their attention! You never know, you might bring out their inner carpenter!

Arts and crafts

Scrapbooking is a great thing to do together if you’ve got leftover holiday souvenirs like train tickets or theme park receipts. It doesn’t have to be put away in a book: you could make something to stick on their bedroom wall like a photo frame for your latest holiday snaps made from bottle tops, boarding passes and shells from the beach.

If you’re running out of ideas, there are tons of how-tos online for making decorations out of things like toilet rolls, old baby furniture and pipe cleaners. Just make sure you’ve got the basics like paint and PVA glue and the world is your oyster!


Sounds boring, but the kids might just get involved if they can see a benefit for them at the end of it. Will clearing out new toys make room for new ones? Will they get to keep their profits as pocket money? Setting aside some time to put unwanted toys and clothes on eBay could make you a little extra cash for summer day trips or back-to-school purchases. Don’t fear putting on larger items as ‘collection only’ as this could save you a real headache, and a company like Shiply can do the delivery for you.

For more of a family event, you might prefer to take part in a car boot sale where you can have more flexibility on price and might even find some bargains of your own!

Do you have any indoor backup ideas for summer that keep the kids busy?




  1. I have 2 boys aged 3 and 4. Since last winter they’ve become more demanding with their entertainment needs. I fret being able to keep them occupied indoors when the cold weather comes. Thanks for the ideas.

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